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Topics: Strategic management, Business, Management Pages: 13 (1963 words) Published: March 25, 2013


PROGRAMMES:PGE3 third year - P.G.T.C - M.A.I.B - MSc B.A - MSc D.M - MSc I.A.A.M.C - MSc I.F – MSc I.M – MSc L.B.M - MSc S.L.T

INSTRUCTORS ESCR :Dr Serge Oréal (Module coordinator)
- Permanent Professor

Dr Carole Bonanni

Dr Seong-Young Kim - Permanent Professor

Mathias Mondo - Visiting Professor

Dr Laurent Scaringella - Permanent Professor

Marc Sinnassamy - Visiting Professor

Dr Jean-Philippe Timsit - Permanent Professor

Jie Xiong - Permanent Professor


OFFICE HOURS:Not applicable

STUDY TIME:This module will normally involve for a student an estimated 120 hours of homework.
The suggested breakdown is as follows:
- Lectures:15 hours
- In-Class activities15 hours
- Reading, case preparation and assignments90 hours

CREDITS:6 ECTS Credits - 12 OUVS Credits

A first level course in Strategic Analysis like “ST401E – Strategic Management Fundamentals” is required. Basic modules in major functional areas (Marketing, Finance) are strongly recommended. A Principles of Management or Organisational Behaviour module are strongly recommended, but not absolutely required, before taking this module.

At the end of the module students are capable to conduct a strategic diagnosis employing a variety of analysis tools and to translate the results into basic strategic decisions. For this purpose students will have developed: o An understanding of the basic dimensions of a firm and of its environment, o The ability to identify major strategic problems and challenges and o The ability to make basic strategic decisions and implement them.

By the completion of this module participants should be able to: 1. Use a methodology and specific tools useful in analyzing the business environment of a business firm,

2. Use specific tools to analyze a business firm’s situation before choosing a new strategy,

3. Evaluate the sources of value for the consumer in order to optimize value creation,

4. Identify and evaluate strategic problems and issues which firms may be facing in order to organize their long term development,

5. Develop corporate objectives and formulate corporate as well as business strategies,

6. Define the most adequate implementation systems and processes.

As a key component of the program, this module aims at presenting: o The various dimensions of the environment of a business firm today,

o The evolving nature of this environment and the impact of these change on the future of a company in the first part of the 21st century,

o Different tools and models useful in order to analyze a business firm,

o Methods to identify and analyze business problems and issues facing companies,

o Key strategic choices for companies,

o The choice between direct investment, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions,...
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