St Anthony Mary Claret.

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St Anthony Mary Claret.
Delaina Jaramillo . c:
Confirmation - Year 1.
Saint Anthony Mary Claret was the founder of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Anthony was born at Salent in the Diocese of Vinch in Catalina, Spain, in 1807. He died in the Cistercian monastery at Frontfoide in 1870. His father was a weaver so he was trained in manual labor, but he entered a seminary in 1929. He was ordained to priesthood in 1835 and then was assigned as pastor in his home parish.

Anthony gathered five priests in 1849 to make the basis of the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (also known as Claretians). The queen of Spain, Isabella II, suggested he become the archbishop of Santiago, Cuba. The next few years he made pastoral visitations preached against the slavery of the Negroes, and regularized numerous marriages. He was frequently given death threats and one attempt was actually made on his life as a result to his actions.

He was also able to bring out some influence in naming the bishops, set up a center of ecclesiastical studies at the Escorial, and affirms the recognition of religious orders in Spain. Anthony was in Rome, getting ready for the first Vatican Council in 1869. He followed Isabella II into exile and was placed under house arrest by the Spanish Ambassador in the Cistercian monastery at Frontfroide. He then died there at the age 63. Hi body was immediately taken to Vich.

Anthony Mary Claret promoted Catholic publications and founded an academy of St Michael for artist and literary persons. In Cuba, he also tried to uplift the general population in founding a school of agriculture in, but he did not succeed. However, he did found the Apostolic Institute of Mary Immaculate.

His efforts made a huge deal of hostility. That is precisely why we ask in the Opening Prayer that we may “work generously for God’s kingdom and gain our brothers and sisters for Christ.” In the Office of Readings, an excerpt from...
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