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Topics: Job satisfaction, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: May 17, 2013

MGMT1001 s1 2013 – ‘Spot Collection’
Bring to tutorials week beginning 8 April 2013
Topic 3: Attitudes, Perception, Personality
Textbook question: answer Question 3 in the ‘Thinking critically about management issues section’ on page 350. The Locus of control, Machiavellianism, self-esteem, self-monitoring and risk propensity are five additional personality traits, which enable managers to understand and predict employees’ behavior in the organization.People who pose an external locus of control means they believe their lives are controlled by outside forces. Managers can foresee that employee who rate high on externality are less satisfied with their jobs. It also predicts externals to blame a poor performance evaluation on their boss’s prejudice, their co-workers orother events outside their control.Machiavellianism is a measure of the degree to which people are pragmatic, maintain emotion distance and believe that ends can justify means. Managers can predict that employee with low Mach score is more easily persuaded, they are more interpersonally oriented and involved with other people, even if they may be less logical and productive.Self-esteem (SE) refers that people differ in the degree to which they like or dislike themselves. Managerswill find out that low SEs employees are more susceptible to external influence than are high SEs. They are dependent on receiving positive evaluations from others. In managerial position, low SEs tend to be concerned with pleasing others and not to take popular stands.Manager can expects high self-monitory individuals who are sensitive to external cues and can behave differently in situations. They are capable of paying closer attention to the behavior of others and are more flexible than low self-monitors.|

From the Kulik et al (1987) reading, explain in detail the mechanism by which job characteristics influence employee outcomes. Additionally, if you increased the employee’s skill variety in his or her job, what...
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