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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Working Conditions of Sports Announcers
As a sports announcer, your working condition, responsibility, and income is determined by your affiliation.

Network sportscasters
➢ Generally, they are at the top of the salary range
➢ They have the least strenuous schedules
- Seldom broadcast more than one game a week
- Even those who add reporting duties to their schedules only have a few minutes of sports news a day

Sports announcers for national or regional cable systems
➢ Well-rewarded
➢ Their work schedule is heavy
- They may find themselves calling several games each week (basketball, hockey, baseball seasons)

Sports reporters for radio stations
➢ Usually deliver one or two hourly reports during their shifts as well as taping additional reports to be broadcasted ➢ Produce several minutes of visually informative sports news ➢ Produce taped sports features to be run on weekends

Sports announcers who work for athletic teams
➢ Most strenuous but exciting and rewarding
➢ As an employee of the team, you travel with the club ➢ You owe loyalty to the employer
- Most team owners require their sportscasters to advertise special promotion days and push ticket sales - Some demand that their play-by-play sportscasters openly root for their team or favour them, but they have to do it with discretion *Play-by-play announcer – one giving a running commentary on a sports event

If you become a sports announcer, you will most likely begin: ➢ At a small-market radio station doing some sports announcing along w/ other duties (reading hourly news reports, or performing as DJ) ➢ Full-time sports reporting and play-by-play announcing ➢ Larger-market station and perhaps, from radio to TV.

If you’re already successful your work schedule and job description might well conform to one of the following models:

1. sports reporter for an all-news network-affiliated radio station in...
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