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2. First stage of Martens’ model of competition is Objective Competitive Situation: This means that without a witness or another person present then you cannot have proper competition. An example of this would be you running a mile at the track and you want to run this mile under 5 min. You have a friend there recording your time and you tell him you want to run under 5 min. This would be considered competition based on Martens’ thought on Objective Competitive Situation.

Second in Martens’ stages is Subjective Competitive Situation: This is how the person who is in the objective competitive situation perceives the situation at hand. For example a pitcher might live to pitch in game 7 of the World Series and another pitcher might dread the thought.

Third in Martens’ stages is Response: Response is how you respond to the competition. First you could respond to it by competing against someone a lot better than you or someone worse. A different type of response is on a physiological level. Your hands could get sweaty and your heart could start beating faster. Other things can affect the response, things like your confidence, and motivation.

Fourth in Martens’ stage is Consequences: These are measured by positive or negative, basically success or failure. For example you play a baseball game and you pitched all 9 innings and you were totally on your game beating a big rival this consequence for you choosing to pitch against a hard team is positive you won the game.

3. There are only a few differences between girls and boy’s competitive natures one being how far the passion will take you. Boys are more likely to do whatever it takes to win. But other than that there really are not many differences between why boys compete compared to why girls do. They both compete for fun, to win, to be the best, and because their friends do it. All these things are found in both girls and boys.

4. Doing something that result in a good consequence often...
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