Speech for Special Occasions

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Chapter 18: Speaking on special occasions

Speeches of Introduction
Definition: A speech that introduces the main speaker to the audience.

3 purposes in introduction:
* Build enthusiasm for the upcoming speaker
* Build enthusiasm for the speaker’s topic
* Establish a welcoming climate that will boost the speaker’s credibility

Something about speaker -> Topic

1. Be brief (max. 2-3 mins)
2. Make sure remarks are accurate (get facts, names etc. right) 3. Adapt remarks to the occasion (formal / casual)
4. Adapt remarks to the main speaker
* Don’t make main speaker uncomfortable (overpraise, reveal embarrassing details..) 5. Adapt remarks to audience
* Aim = make this audience want to hear this speaker on this subject. * If speaker x well known, establish credibility by recounting achievements & explain why he/she is qualified to speak 6. Create sense of anticipation and drama

* Save name for last
* Talk to the speaker, learn some interesting facts
* Practice speech to be creative and dramatic
* Deliver extemporaneously, sincerely, enthusiastically

Speeches of Presentation
Definition: A speech that presents someone a gift, an award, or some other form of public recognition.

-Brief (mere announcement or < 4-5 mins)
-Purpose: 1. Tell audience why recipient is receiving the awards
2. Point out their contributions, achievements..
-2 matters to discuss (depending on audience & occasion):
* If not familiar w/ award, explain briefly
* Might praise losers

Speeches of Acceptance
Definition: A speech that gives thanks for a gift, an award, or some other form of public recognition.

- thank people who are bestowing the award
-recognize people who helped you gained it

Commemorative Speeches
Definition: A speech that pays a tribute to a person, a group of people, an institution, or an idea.

-eulogies, dedications..
-informative speech: give info about your subject
other: give examples,...
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