Speech Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Want, Mind Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: March 28, 2013
The speech was a very fascinating one. A very innovative one, that actually brings up a desire to do something, be something, and give this world something that we have never thought of. The initial part of the speech actually makes the students realize how important each one of them is, not only as a person but also emphasizes on the fact that the ideas each student possess actually mean something. The later part then deals with how to carry the ideas forward rather than ignoring them. How to help this world change just with the help of your ideas?

The talent, the skills that each student carries, need not be wasted rather polished in a way so as to bring up something productive for the enhancement of the nation/world. Architecture is not only about keeping the dreams; rather it is to think over the practical implementation of the dreams. The practical implementation undoubtedly cannot be done as an individualist. Hence, to see our dreams having a physical existence, it is necessary to share the ideas, which would certainly make them better and powerful. But unfortunately what we lack in this present era, is the communication, the way of spreading the ideas is simply awful and not understandable to the audience. Therefore, what is important is not only to have the ideas rather to have a powerful skill to make people understand and interpret your ideas in order to generate something productive out of it. Hence it is very important to learn how to share ideas/dreams in a way that truly reveals excitement and passion and possibility behind them. Today, the advancement has made things so much better and easier, than how they were a few years back. The technology today has made it easier to develop something very innovative and new in the construction field. Point is, we need to set up our targets. We need to set up our goals and we need to determine our own definition of success. Success for us shall not be the matter of being the owner of two cars or...
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