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HRM 51 Paper- Exploring Hospitality Careers Due Tuesday, 6/4/13 by 11:59pm Objective- The purpose of this assignment is to expand the student’s perspective of the hospitality industry beyond the lodging and F&B sectors. To explore alternate career options within the travel, tourism, recreation, meetings/events sectors. Assignment- Write a 3-5 page paper detailing 2 alternate career paths or industries you would like to work in. Part 1- Think of 2 alternate career paths/industries you would like to pursue in the travel, tourism, recreation, meetings/special events, sectors. Ideally, these would be your “dream jobs”. You don’t need to be realistic, just creative. ! Examples• Sky diving instructor (recreation/adventure tourism) • Museum/national park/city tour guide (cultural/historical tourism) • Event planner for art/food/music festivals (cultural tourism/events) • Learn About Wine- combines special events with wine education, service, and enjoyment http://learnaboutwine.com ! Answer these questions for EACH career path or industry (answer these questions twice)1. Describe your “dream job”. Where is it located, what would the job description say? Details, details, details! 2. Why would you chose this? Is it a hobby or interest? Would it give you an opportunity to travel abroad? 3. Provide background information, details and specifics. Is it culturally relevant, something you enjoyed as a child, are you personally affected by a specific cause? 4. How did you learn about this particular career path or industry? Have you had experience through Mt. SAC, work, family/friends, etc?

HRM 51 Intro to Hospitality

HRM 51 Paper- Exploring Hospitality Careers Due Tuesday, 6/4/13 by 11:59pm Part 2- For EACH career option, research an organization that you would like to work for. Or, if you would like to open your own business, research an existing business that is similar to your own idea. ! ! Answer these questions for EACH organization/business that you would work for,...
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