Specificity of Protein-Ligan Binding

Topics: Saturation, Western blot, Azo dyes Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Specificity of Protein-Ligand Binding
1). One can conclude that Orange G. has the lowest affinity for the albumin. In the experiment the concentration of Orange G that binds to protein was a lot less than either Ponceau S. or Bromophenol blue. The ligand with the highest affinity to BSA was a little more difficult to decipher. The experiment shows that all of the 2 µL of both Ponceau S. and Bromophenol blue bind to the BSA. However, when 5 µL of the ligand is added the BSA is saturated and cannot bind anymore of the ligand. The data illustrates that Ponceau S. has a higher concentration of extra ligand at 5 µL; therefore more Bromophenol blue binds to the BSA. With this said one can conclude that Bromophenol blue has the highest affinity to the albumin followed by a close second to Ponceau and Orange G has the lowest affinity to the albumin. 2). The more ligand added to the BSA, the more ligand there will be able to bind to the BSA up to the point of saturation. For instance, when 5.0 µL of Bromophenol blue was added to the albumin; all of the 5.0 µL did not bind to the BSA because it had reached its saturation point. The concentration of Bromophenol blue it takes to saturate albumin is approximately 2.5 µL. 3). The results clearly show that Bromophenol blue has a much higher binding affinity to the albumin than Ponceau S. The results in experiment I was not as clear. The data illustrates that when albumin has the opportunity to bind to Bromophenol blue or Ponceau S. it will bind to Bromophenol. The results of the competition with the Ponceau S. and Orange G. were a little more surprising. Experiment I showed Ponceau S. affinity to albumin was a close second to Bromophenol blue, but when Ponceau S. was in competition with Orange G. it did not illustrate such binding affinity. It barely seemed to bind more than Orange G. The color of the band of albumin plus ligand is a slight orangish-red which indicates Ponceau S. binds more but it is not quite clear. It...
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