Spanish Sample Conversation

Topics: Birthday, Happy Birthday to You, Singing Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: March 28, 2012
M: Hey Sabrina, How are you?
Hola Sabrina, Como estas tu?
S: Good, and you?
M: I’m great. Isn’t your birthday soon?
Estoy muy bien. Es su cumpleanos pronto?
S: Yes, my birthday is today.
M: Do you have any plans?
Tienes planes para esta noche?
S: No, I don’t have any.
M: Okay, I’ll make some plans. Come over later.
Voy a hacer planes para despues. Vienes tarde!

K: Hey Mo, what’s going on?
M: Hey Kevin, hey Frank. It’s Sabrina’s birthday today.
Hola Kevin, hola Frank. Hoy es los cumpleanos de Sabrina
F: We have to plan a birthday party for her.
K: What should we do for her birthday?
F: Let’s take Sabrina out for dinner.
K: No, let’s take her to the park for a picnic.
M: Maybe we should take her to s sports game.
Tal vez nosotros debemos salir al juego de deportes.
K: She doesn’t like sports. Let’s just ask Sabrina what she wants to do.

S: Hello Kevin.
K: Hey Sabrina, Mo and Frank are here too.
F: Sabrina, what would you like to do for your birthday?
S: I would really like to go out and sing. Let’s get some beers! F: I’ll get the beer.
M: I will get a karaoke machine for the party.
Voy a ir una maquina karaoke para la fiesta.
K: Sabrina, when will you be able to come to Mo’s house?
S: I will be there at 8:00.
K: Do you need directions to get here?
S: No, I know where Mo’s house is.
F: We need to prepare for Sabrina’s party before she gets here. K: Should I get a cake and party supplies?
M: Yes, you should also get more food. And don’t forget her beer!
Si, tu debes tambien ir comida. Y recuerdo las cervezas!
S: Ding-dong.
E: Surprise! Happy Birthday, Sabrina!
S: Aw, thanks everyone. This is so nice!
F: You’re welcome. There is karaoke too!
K: And don’t forget the cake!
S: Nice! Where are my presents?
M: Sorry girl, we forgot to get you presents!
Lo siento! Notoros olvidamos ir de compras para regalos.
S: It’s all good. Let’s just sing some songs and eat some cake! E: Happy Birthday song!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a...
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