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Federal Income Tax
Professor Lon Sobel
Southwestern Law School
Study Guide
Fall 2010
Copyright © 2010 by Lionel S. Sobel
SCALE – Federal Income Tax
SCALE – Federal Income Tax
Southwestern Law School
Syllabus, Course Requirements, and Grading Criteria
Professor Lon Sobel
SCALE II- Period 4
Fall 2010
PHONE: 213-738-6756 EMAIL: OFFICE: BW325
A. Required Text or Course Materials
The assigned readings are in a “Study Guide” written by Professor Sobel and in PRINCIPLES OF FEDERAL INCOME TAXATION, 7TH EDITION, by Daniel Q. Posin and Donald T. Tobin (Thomson/West 2005). The “Study Guide” contains excerpts from the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations, as well as multiple choice questions about the assigned topics.

B. Recommended Text
None. (But if you are doing the assigned readings and attending class, and you’re still having trouble, see me during office hours and I will show you what additional books are available.) II. COURSE REQUIREMENTS

A. Class Preparation
Students are expected to have read the assigned materials. Class discussion will commence with the assumption that everyone is thoroughly familiar with the assigned materials. In addition to reading the assigned materials, answer the questions in the Study Guide, and make notes to yourself about why you answered the questions the way you did. We will discuss the questions in class, because they will help you understand tax law; but the questions will help you, only if you have considered them carefully before class, and come to class prepared to participate in discussions about them. B. Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is required. A student may be administratively withdrawn from this course if he or she is absent from more than 20% of the regularly scheduled class sessions. Each student is responsible for keeping track of his or her absences. Attendance will be taken at the start of class through distribution of an attendance sheet. If you are not in your seat at the beginning of class and do not personally initial the sign-in sheet at that time, you are considered absent. The Student Honor Code remains in effect. Students may initial only their own names, not those of other students. Lack of preparation, early departure, or inappropriate behavior may result in a student being marked absent. C. Grading Criteria and Evaluation

Your grade in this course will be based entirely on your performance on a take-home exam. The exam will be distributed on the last day of class, Thursday, December 2nd, and it will be due Monday, December 6th, not later than 9:30 am.

SCALE – Federal Income Tax
SCALE – Federal Income Tax
Grades for this course will be awarded based upon an alphabetical system and will strictly follow Southwestern’s grading policies. After a grade is awarded for the course, I am happy to discuss ways to improve a student’s performance. In accordance with law school policy, however, assigned grades will not, and cannot, be changed except for mathematical/clerical errors. D. Special Rules Regarding Electronic Devices

Recording of class meetings is permitted only if the professor is first asked and gives permission. Recording a class without permission is prohibited. If a student is granted permission, recording is condition upon the student’s agreement to share any recording with any classmate who makes a reasonable request.

E. Statement of Reasonable Accommodations
Students who need accommodations due to disabilities should contact the Counselor/Disability Specialist in the Diversity Affairs Office. The office is located in BW 361 and can be reached at (213) 738-6888 or

It is the policy and practice of Southwestern Law School to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and state and local requirements regarding students and...
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