Sound of Waves

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Chapter 1
1. What is the name of the island where the novel takes place?

2. Which two spots does the narrator describe as the most beautiful on the island?

3. Describe the main character, including age, physical looks, job and name.

4. Who are the boy’s good friends? How do they help him with his struggles in school?

Chapter 2
5. Who else is in Shinji’s family?

6. Who in the village has captured Shinji’s curiosity?

7. Who is Shinji’s boss? Describe his job.

8. Why has the new girl come to the island?

Chapter 3
9. What meeting does Shinji attend?

10. Who is the president of the association? Describe him.

Chapter 4
11. How does Shinji meet Hatsue?

Chapter 5
12. How does the family continue to honor Shinji’s father?

13. How did his father die?

14. What is the rumor about Hatsue’s marriage?

15. What large favor does Hatsue do for Shinji?

Chapter 6
16. Why is Hatsue spending time at the lighthouse?

17. What does the lighthouse keeper respect most about his wife?

18. Who is Chiyoko?

19. What about Chiyoko upsets Hatsue?

Chapter 7
20. Where is Hiroshi going?

21. How is Chiyoko described physically?

22. How does Chiyoko feel about Hatsue and why?

Chapter 8

23. What are some of the roles women play on the island?

24. When Shinji and Hatsue meet, why do they remove their clothes?

25. Why is Hatsue afraid to have sex?

26. Who sees Hatsue and Shinji as they leave the lighthouse?

Chapter 9
27. On his trip, what has Hiroshi seen for the first time?

28. What has Chiyoko told Yasou?

29. Why does Yasuo try to ambush Hatsue as she gets water? What does he plan to do?

30. What saves Hatsue?

Chapter 10

31. How has Hiroshi changed because of his...
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