Sonic Marketing Plan

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Chapter 17, 18. And 19 Group Exercise

Group 1

Laramie Cook

Rodrick Ingram

Candace Pinkney

Konstance Sheffield

MKT 6661 XTIA – Strategic Marketing Management

Chapter 17

1. What communications objectives are appropriate for Sonic’s initial campaign?

 Brand Awareness – As discussed in the text, brand awareness provides a foundation for brand equity. Consumers are more likely to recognize a package than to recall a brand name. Chapter 12 discussed ways in which Sonic can use packaging and labeling to support its brand image. Sonic will use red for energy and power, orange for fun and value, blue for productivity, brown for a sense of masculinity, and black to work as an accent for the other colors. The idea is to grab the attention of the customer. The Sonic 1000’s features, customizations, performance quality, and reliability product differentiations will allow the consumer to recall the brand outside the store.  

Brand Purchase Intention – Purchase intention is defined as the likelihood that a consumer will buy a product. As discussed in chapter 14, Sonic should provide consumers and businesses with allowances, such as trade-ins allowances on old devices when purchasing a new device. Promotional offers encourage consumers to buy, but the “right” promotional offer moves the consumer’s intentions from a mental commitment to an actual purchase.

2.  How can Sonic use personal communications channels to influence its target audience?

 Personal communications channels allow communication through a phone, mail, or email between two or more individuals. A study found that one “ right” person’s word of mouth can affect the buying attitude of two people and increases to eight through online communication. The key is to get the word out about the new product. As a startup company, one of Sonic’s most cost effective and efficient means of carrying the message is its own employees and their social channels. Personal influence is very effective when a consumer doesn’t know much about a product. It can be the deciding factor when choosing one product over another.

3. Which communication tools would you recommend using after Sonic’s initial product has been in the market for six months? Why?

Because modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it competitively, and making it accessible to potential customers, they must also communicate with these stakeholders (Kotler, Keller 2012). Marketing communications work for consumers when they show why a product is used, how it is used, and by who used the product. Though advertising is often a central element of a marketing communications program it is not the most important one for sales and building customer equity and brand (Kotler, Keller, 2012). Because distribution has already been established, Sonic needs to navigate traffic to its wholesalers (distributors). This is a good time to increase consumer communications and transition from trade communications. There are eight major modes of communication (Kotler, Keller, 2012). Sonic should use newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. Sonic should also use sales promotions and customer promotions to encourage trial and purchase the Sonic PDA 1000. Chapter 18

1. Once Sonic begins to use consumer advertising, what goals would be appropriate?

The advertising objectives must flow from prior decisions on target market, brand positioning, and the marketing program. An advertising goal is a specific communication task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time (Kotler, Keller, 2012). These objectives are classified according to whether their aim is to inform, persuade, remind or reinforce. Since Sonic is trying to reach its customer base, it should set a goal of reaching people that would most likely be interested in purchasing PDAs. Considering that specific audience (consumers), Sonic should focus...
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