Solving the Labor Dilemma in a Joint Venture in Japan

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Solving the Labor Dilemma in a Joint Venture in Japan
1.What steps can you suggest that might help John solve his labor problems for the new plant in Tokyo? First an International or Global Human Resources Manager should be hired since this person is familiar with operations in the United States and Japan. This executive will be knowledgeable of both countries (U.S. & Japans) education, economic, legal and political system and specially its socio-cultural environment and will be key player in establishing Johnsco as a multinational corporation by taking a ethnocentric approach to management with the knowledge of established policies and procedures and will meld these procedures into their foreign operation to ensure countries legal employment obligations are met; in other words she will ensure a good FIT. Also considering John’s unfamiliarity with Japan’s culture and business practice it is recommend that he hired an Expatriate Manager who will work side by side with a Host Country National Operations manager. This selection should be made with the assistance of the International or Global Human Resources Manager previously hired. 2.How could he persuade either the union or his joint venture partner to help him with this problem? John should initiate a collaborative effort with the Union who will assists with staffing the foreign entity and partner in developing cross-cultural training programs for expatriates, must approach the union and convince them to develop and finance a cultural awareness-training program in exchange for offering their members preference for promotional opportunities at the Japan plant, also offer the automaker an increased share of their joint venture, an overseas internship in effort to develop one of their up and coming managers. 3.What types of cultural training, both here and in Japan, might be necessary for John’s new venture to be successful? The training program should include a pre-departure component to reduce anxiety and...
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