Software Engineering

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Q1) Describe each law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example? Glass’ law(L1)
Robert Glass’s law states that “Requirement deficiencies are the prime Source of project failures”. Any requirement which is not well defined or incomplete or too complex to implement in real scenarios will lead to the project failures. Although there are projects with well-defined and complete requirements, most of the projects lack these factors which will result in project failures. This may be due to the collection of requirements from the client by a third party or inexperienced analysts involved in requirements gathering phase or the clients are not sure about what requirements that they need.

For example, if engineer misunderstood client requirements or he miss one of the requirement, later on and before the project finish. The client will say, “I forgot about that especial functionality without this function the project is nothing for me, and are not know if I told you or not”. So the engineer or the creator of the project says “already I have done 70% of the project and if I want to add that function I have to change the entire project”. Creator needs more time to finish the work and also he needs more money. However, client does not care how does engineer (creator) solve the problem? Or how long does it take? He just cares about the cost, in this time there is a change on the triple constraint (scop, cost and time), because of the client does not want to pay more money thecost will remain same but time and scop will increase, and this is what makes project in a failure condition. Boehm’s first law (L2)

Boehm’s first law states that “Errors are most frequent during the requirements and design activities and are the most expensive the later they are removed”.

The majority of the errors are found in the requirements specification and design stages of the software development life cycle. If the requirements are not clear and complete, then it will lead to...
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