Sociological Theory and Method

Topics: Sociology, Max Weber, Karl Marx Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Chapter 1

1. How do our authors define as to what constitutes the discipline of “sociology.” 2. We, on the other hand, for practical reasons, came to define “sociology as the interrelationship between _______, ________ and _______. 3. August Comte wanted to study societies in their _______ form, so that it could be made better, in their _______ form. 4. Karl Marx is seen by many as the ultimate sociologist who sets up the scientific categories for research. In his sociology __________ will constitute as his culture, __________ will constitute as his society, which is made up of _______ and ________ as the individuals in conflict with one another. a. Whenever these two classes of people come together, _____________ becomes a common reality, that is profiting off of the labor of one, while not having made any actual effort to earn that profit. b. Continuous profiting and greed become a part of the nature of capitalism. Such realities however will lead to the _______________ of capitalism, since this is a system that cuts expenses from every corner including at the expense of their workers. The workers, who also possess the buying power, no longer can afford to ____________ the products that the owners make available to them, even if they are as cheap as possible. c. Replacing capitalism is _______________. This is a system that rids itself of greedy profiting, and distributes those profits to everyone __________. 5. Emile Durkheim, who strongly disagrees with Marx argued that we can now escape collective reign and are finally freed. In his sociology __________ will constitute as his culture, __________ will constitute as his society, which is made up of _____________ laborers. a. This level of individuality is only possible in modern ________ societies. Since these are societies that operate alike like an organism, every institution ____________ on all the others. The individuals in organic societies,...
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