Sociological Analysis Intro

Topics: Scientific method, Theory, Science Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Aims and charac of science
Explore unknown, describe, explain, develop theories that help understand things or make sense of Charac of social research: looks for probalistic patterns of behavior, attempts to explain why social life is the way it is Basic- theory building, hypothesis testing, goal is knowledge production, self generated research Applied- program effects, program assesment. Goal s knowledge utilizaitjon and prob solving, research is client generated Deductive approach: beings with a general theory from which a specific hypothis is derived general....specific Inductive begins with data collection or makin observations and later developing theory specific observation.....theory (general) Idiographic: casual reasoning. An approach to explaining in which we seek to identify the distinct causes of a particular condition or event Nomothetic an approach to explaining that seeks to explain a class of situations or events rather then a single one. Settles for partial rather then full explanation. social science theory aims to find patterns in social life. Social regularities represent probabilistic patterns. Social regularities do exist, then, and are worthy of theoretical and empirical study. As such, social scientists study primarily social patterns rather than individual ones. These patterns reflect the aggregate or collective actions and situations of many individuals.Social science theories try to explain why aggregated patterns of behavior are so regular even when the individuals participating in them may change over time. The two pillars of science are logic and obser- vation. A scientific understanding of the world must (1) make sense and (2) correspond with what we observe. Both elements are essential to science and relate to three major aspects of the overall scientific enterprise: theory, data collection, and data analysis. methodology (a subfield of epistemology) might be called the science of finding out. social science methodology, or how...
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