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The phenomenon of socialization is an interactive process in which people learn the values, attitudes, behaviour, norms and roles seen as appropriate for particular groups of people. The key to the stability and cohesion of a social structure which shapes what people see as appropriate choices for themselves and others. The most intense periods of socialization are in childhood and adolescence but reinforcement and adjustment continue through life. Through the interaction with others, infants gradually become aware of themselves as individuals. It’s through socialization that people acquire their culture, their specific skills and abilities and a knowledge of what kinds of people they are. Many socio-political theories postulate that socialization provides only a partial explanation for human beliefs and behaviours, maintaining that agents are not 'blank slates' predetermined by their environment. Scientific research provides some evidence that people might be shaped by both social influences and genes. In order to have a complete general view over socialization, sociologists avail themselves of one or more theories whom the main are : •Role-learning theory

Symbolic interactionism
Psychoanalytic theory

This sense of obligation can be found also in Freud’ theory. Without considering and discussing about the distinction that he makes between conscious and unconscious and specifically of the three components of the human’s psyche Id, Ego and Super-Ego : the latte performs the function of mediator between impulses and permits us to act in socially acceptable ways. Also Freud argues that the core elements of the personality are formed during the childhood. It’s through infant’s interaction with their parents and other members of their immediate family household that their drives are satisfied or frustrated. Moreover adults responses are uncertain, and infants develop a sense of anxiety about the reactions of their carers. Later on...
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