Social Security Issues

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Social Security Issues

By | October 2012
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Social Security Policy Issues Outline
Sharonda McLemore
Dr. Snead
University of Phoenix
September 18, 2012

Social Security Policy Issues Outline

I. Overview of Social Security
Social security is designed, as the title suggests, providing security. To protect individuals from unforeseen catastrophes, the government spreads certain risks among all members of society so that no single family bears the full burden of such occurrences.

A. The Budget of Social Security
1. FY 2013 Funding and Performance Tables
2. FY 2013 Budget Request
3. Reducing Cost

B. Past policy decisions surrounding Social Security policy administration
1. Social Security Amendments of the 1930s create dependent and survivor benefits.
2. The 1940s Debate over Reserve Funding
3. Social Security moving to a Universal Program in the 1950s
4. The Birth of Medicare in 1960
5. Social Security Expansion in the 1970s

C. Projected Costs of creating and implementing a replacement of revised policy
1. Social Security Implemented in 1935
2. Disability Policies 1940’s
3. 1954 Disability “Freeze”
4. Legislative Debate 1955- 1956
5. The Price of Expansion in the Disability Program

D. The role of government in relation to Social Security
1. U.S. government funds social security
2. U.S. government regulates social security
3. The Board of Trustees consists of 6 members. 4 of those members serve by virtue of their positions in government. These 4 are the Secretary of the Treasury (Managing Trustee), the Secretary of Labor the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Commissioner of Social Security. The other 2 members are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. These 2 members serve a 4-year term. T E. The effects of special interest groups on Social Security 1. 10,614,398 is the number of individuals on Disability with the Social Security Agency in 2011 2. The...

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