Social Problems Notes

Topics: Poverty, Sociology, Nation Pages: 3 (551 words) Published: January 14, 2013
More females than males graduate from college.

The double standard is a set of norms between women and men especially is terms of sexuality

Colorblind racism is powerful because its embedded in the social structure. It allows the dominant group to pretend that they don’t see it.

Life expectancy in the 18th century was 35.

Laws like the federal age discrimination act is hard to enforce because its hard to find out why somebody didn’t hire someone.

Syphilis is from a bacteria.

In religious relationships, women who are abused are likely to stay in the relationship.

The nuclear family is the dominant type in family societies.

The racial hierarchy reinforced and reiterated is done invisibly created because its based on social stereotypes and hints- ? What it means to be black is based on what it means to be white.

Coleman said that educational achievement is impacted by your social class.

Socialist feminists advocate a more generous and human welfare system.

According to the text, the way to reaffirm our commitment to the young – for the youth is to increase government funding.

Prostitution has decreased in the last 30-40 years.

Better food, water, and sanitation have contributed to public health.

The marid anen people preferred homosexuality.

In 2004 17 percent of children lived below the poverty line

Jobs with heart conditions have little to no autosomal decisions.

Colorism- discrimination within racial groups

* Core countries are all industrial countries that show dominance among other countries. * A peripheral country are poor nations that are often exploited economically and politically by the core countries. * Colonialism- a system in which one nation extends its political and economic control over a nation or people and treats them as dependent colonies. * Cultural hegemony – diverse culture that con be controlled or dominated by one group or class and that everyday practices...
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