Social Problems

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Rape Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The average street addict commits __150___ nondrug crimes a year.

A drug program that transfers addiction from illegal heroin to a synthetic narcotic is called ___ Methadone Maintenance ___________.

__ Individual Violence____ involves one person physically attacking others or destroying their property

__ Group Violence___ involves two or more people physically attacking others or destroying their property.

___ Situational Group Violence ______________ is unplanned and spontaneous and occurs when something in the situation stimulates or triggers the violence.

__ Organized Group Violence ________________ is planned, but unauthorized violence.

__ Behavior Modification _______________ stresses that if some behavior is rewarded, that behavior will occur again.

______ Modeling _______ involves copying another person's behavior

___ Differential Association ___________________ suggests that people who associate with lawbreakers are more likely to break the law than are people who associate with those who follow the law. Answer

Sociologists stress that the causes of violence are ___ Environmental ___________.

_ Subcultural Theory ___________ claims that people who grow up in a subculture that approves of violent behavior have a high chance of becoming violent.

Feelings of normlessness and anxiety are called____ Anomie _______________.

According to the ___ Culture of Poverty ________________, poor people have different values than the middle class, and this is why they act as they do.

_____ Strain Theory _______________ suggests that crime occurs when the means for reaching cultural goals are limited experience fewer means to achieve success.

The form of assault where one individual forces another to have any type of sexual relations against that person's will is called ___ Forcible Rape ____________________.

___ Statutory Rape ____________________ describes sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor.

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