Social Policy

Topics: Sociology, Health care, National Health Service Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Influences on Practice/ Service Delivery: e.g. legislation, policy, practice guidance etc. How does it influence the service and the ways in which nurses and social workers work within it? (Demonstrating knowledge of roles within the service, as well as theoretical frameworks and guidance underpinning professional practice). The ways in which this affects how decisions are made (e.g. are they influenced by the lead professional agency? What is the legal basis for decisions that are made about how the service is delivered, or about care for individuals?). Identify the potential problems or disadvantages with this method of working and the decision-making process relating to care. Social policy informs the way in which mental health services, legislation and policies are delivered. Over time, governments have either changed or built on existing legislations and policies in response to social and economic climate (Lester and Glasby, 2006, p.17). Social policy is used to develop and deliver services to society to meet the welfare and wellbeing needs of those who may need it (Alcock, 2008, p.2). Social policy can and has been used to “modify and redistribute resources”, this ideology has been a theme of the governments, seen as a way of improving service user choice whilst “off-loading” the cost from central government to the private and voluntary sectors (IMA, unknown, online). This change in policy has also been evident in health and social care and the way in which mental health services is delivered. The government’s attitude shifted greatly in the 1990’s, mainly due to high profile cases such as the killing of Jonathan Zito by Christopher Clunis in 1992. The publicity surrounding these cases encouraged the government to make mental health services more a priority than previously considered, thus began the mental health movement with the implementation of two key policies. The first being, Modernising Mental Health Services: Safe Sound and Supportive 1998...
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