Social Phsycology

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MULTIPLE CHOICE: 3 points each

1. An act performed voluntarily to help someone else when there is no expectation of receiving a reward is known as a. nurturance
b. altruism
c. pro-social behavior
d. modeling

2. True altruism is defined by
a. the circumstances surrounding the behavior
b. the person's intentions
c. the person himself or herself
d. culture

3. Pro-social behavior is defined as
a. any act that helps others, even if it is done to make yourself look good b. a voluntary act to help others with no thought of reward
c. helping that serves to perpetuate one's genes
d. none of the above

4. Ethan volunteers to help with the local Special Olympics in order to build up his resume for job hunting. His behavior would best be described as a. prosocial behavior
b. altruism
c. reactance
d. reciprocity

5. Researchers have found that we are most likely to be helpful to a. anyone who asks
b. strangers
c. friends
d. all of the above

6. Which of the following is NOT one of the theoretical perspectives on helping described in the text? a. evolutionary psychology
b. a learning approach
c. a decision-making perspective
d. social impact theory

7. Evolutionary psychologists have observed that
a. prosocial behavior is rare among non-human animals
b. prosocial behavior is common among primates, but not in other animal species c. prosocial behavior is observed among animals only when a mother is protecting her young d. prosocial behavior is common among non-human animals

8. Evolutionary theorists believe that altruism among animals and humans persists because a. helping provides the helper with emotional rewards
b. helping increases survival value
c. helping is rarely risky to the helper
d. helping makes an individual appealing to potential sexual partners

9. The notion that any genetically determined trait that has a high survival value will tend to be passed on to the next generation is a cornerstone of a. evolutionary psychology
b. genetic determinism
c. learning theory
d. the nature/nurture debate

10. Sociobiologist Robert Trivers has argued that only ________ is biologically based. a. prosocial behavior
b. reactive altruism
c. reciprocal altruism
d. maternal altruism

11. Laws that require bystanders to an emergency to help a potential victim are based on a a. norm of reciprocity
b. norm of social justice
c. norm of social responsibility
d. diffusion of responsibility

12. Which country has the highest murder rate?
a. Finland
b. Great Britain
c. Canada
d. the United States

13. According to materials presented in your text, _____ percent of violent crimes are committed by strangers. a. 0.6
b. 44
c. 56
d. 90
14. In explaining the origins of aggression, Freud focused on the concept of a. childhood learning
b. pathological behavior
c. instinct
d. self-esteem

15. The definition of aggression as "any behavior that hurts others" would be the preferred definition of a. cognitive dissonance theorists
b. exchange theorists
c. social impact theorists
d. learning theorists

16. One problem with a behaviorist definition of aggression is that does not take into account a. displacement
b. learning history
c. intentions
d. sanctioned aggression

17. An unprovoked criminal act that hurts others would be considered __________ aggression. a. prosocial
b. sanctioned
c. aggressive
d. retaliation

18. You see a television news report featuring a policeman foiling a bank holdup by killing two of the robbers. This is a case of a. reactance
b. sanctioned aggression
c. prosocial aggression
d. frustration-aggression

19. You see a television news report featuring a shopkeeper who shot and killed a masked gunman who was trying to rob his store. This is a case of a. covert aggression
b. prosocial aggression
c. social exchange
d. sanctioned aggression
20. One of the most...
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