Social Movements

Topics: Social movement, Anarchism, Rights Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Social movements can change the world. According to Chapter Five of the text, Introduction to Sociology, what social movements have been noted in the United States in the last decade? What implications have these movements had on today’s culture? Then, hypothesize what current social movements could transform the future of the world.

Social movements are the result of how we live life today. According to our text book “Some movements are short lived and may be considered to be fads, while others result in sweeping social change. Social movements are important ways for collectivities of people concerned about a particular issue to bring it to the public's attention and evoke new behaviors and structures as a result” (Vissing, 2011). One of the biggest social movements has been the civil rights movement. This changed the world. This brought the racial equality thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. It helped to make society see everyone as equal. Although, there are still people out there that have their own views about this type of thing this has brought the nation together as one. All equal. Another huge one that our book touches on is the Gay Rights Movement. This has opened America’s eyes to differences and shows that it is ok. This gave fair and equal treatment to all gays. Before they may have been discriminated against and simply kicked out of their home because their sexuality. Even though, we still have a long way to go on this subject they are gaining the respect and equality they deserve. There are two movements that would help to change this world in my opinion. The enviromental movement is crucial to our world and health right now. Clean air and clean water is esssential in life and the protection of nature so that it will be there for our children to experience with their children. Even though it isn’t slapping us in the face (so to speak) this is a huge issue. I also believe and support whole heartedly in the Animal Rights Movement. I...
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