Soc Sci 16 : Rizal (Notes for Final)

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CHAPTER 8: Noli Me Tangere Published (1887)

• Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin portrays the brutalities of American slave owners and the pathetic condition of the unfortunate Negro Slave

• Uncle Tom’s Cabin inspired Rizal to prepare a novel that would depict the miseries of his people under the lash of Spanish tyrants

• He was still a student in the Central University of Madrid when he started to write the draft of Noli

• January 2, 1884, Rizal proposed the writing of a novel about the Philippines by a group of Filipinos at the Paterno residence

• The proposal was approved by other Filipinos : Graciano Lopez-Jaena, Evaristo Aguirre, Eduardo de Lete, Julio Llorente,Melecio Figuera, and Valentin Ventura

• The project did not materialize because the other Filipino men in Spain were wasting their time in gambling, flirting with Spanish señorita, and they only want to write on women not about the Philippines

• He wrote the last few chapters of Noli in Wilhemsfeld in April-June 1886

• During his stay in Berlin, was winter and he was sick and penniless, he saw no hope of having the novel be published

• Dr. Maximo Viola (a friend from a rich family of San Miguel, Bulacan) visited Rizal in Berlin and was shocked to find Rizal living in poverty and deplorably sickly due to lack of proper nourishment

• He loaned Rizal some cash money for living expenses and to finance the printing cost of Noli

• February 21, 1887, the Noli was finally finished and ready for printing

• Berliner Buchdruckrei-Action-Gesselschaft-printing shop printed the Noli, 300 pesos for 2,000 copies of the novel

• Rizal was suspected as a French spy

• March 21,1887, The Noli Me Tangere came off the press.

• Copies of the novel were sent to Blumentritt, Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor, G. Lopez Jaena, Mariano Ponce, Felix Hidalgo

• March 29, 1887, Viola receive the galley proffs of the Noli carefully rolled around the pen that Rizal used in writing it and a complimentary copy as a token of Rizal’s appreciation and gratitude for Viola’s help

• Galley proofs are the preliminary versions of publications meant for review by authors, editors, and proofreaders, often with extra wide margins. Galley proofs may be uncut and unbound, or in some cases electronic. They are created for proofreading and copyediting purposes, but may be used for promotional and review purposes also.

• Noli Me Tangere is a Latin phrase which means “Touch Me Not”. It was taken from the Bible

• The novel was a true story of Philippine conditions during the last decades of Spanish rule.

• Maria Clara = Leneor Rivera, Tasio the philosopher = Paciano, Padre Salve= Padre Antionio Piernavieja, the hated Augustinian friar from Cavite, Captian Tiago = Capitan Hilario Sunico of San Nicolas, Doña Victorina = Doña Agustina Medel, Basilio and Crispin= Crisostomo brothers of Hagonoy, Padre Damaso= typical of a domineering friar during the days of Rizal who was arrogant, immoral and anti Filipino, Ibara= Rizal

• There is a chapter that was deleted by Rizal so that it was not included in the printed novel to lower the cost of printing.

• The deleted chapter was entitled “Elias and Salome”

• Rizal’s friends praise the Noli (Blumentritt, Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor)

CHAPTER 9: Rizal’s Grand Tour of Europe with Viola (1887)

• Rizal had received Paciano’s remittance of P 1,000.00 which was forwarded by Juan Luna From Paris

• Rizal painded Viola the sum of P 300.00 which Viola kindly loaded so that the Noli could be printed

• First visited Potsdam, a city near Berlin which Frederick the Great, made famous.

• May 11, 1887, Rizal and Viola left Berlin by train to roam Europe, it was spring that time/


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