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Topics: Strategic management, Management, Strategic planning Pages: 5 (1131 words) Published: April 11, 2013
* Chapter 1 (introducing strategy)

* summarize the strategy of an organization in a strategy statement * identify key issues for an organization’s strategy according to the exploring strategy model * distinguish between corporate, business operational strategies * understand how different people contribute to strategy at work * Appreciate the contributions of different academic disciplines and theoretical lenses to practical strategy analysis

* how to analyse an organization’s position in the external environment * how to analyse the determinants of strategic capability resources, competences and the linkages between them * how to understand an organisation’s purposes, taking into account corporate governance, stakeholder expectations and business ethics * how to address the role of history and culture in determining an organisations position

* Chapter 2 (the environment)

-analyze the broad macro-environment of organization in terms of PESTEL * identify key drivers in this macro environment and use these key drivers to construct alternative scenarios with regard to environmental change * use porter’s five forces analysis in order to define the attractiveness of industries and sectors and to identify their potential for change * identify successful strategic groups, valuable market segments and attractive ‘blue oceans’ within industries * use these various concepts and techniques in order to recognize threats and opportunities in the marketplace

* Chapter 3 (strategic capabilities)

* identify what comprises strategic capabilities in terms of organizational resources and competences and how these relate to the strategies of organizations * analyse how strategic capabilities might provide competitive advantage on the basis of their VRIN * diagnose strategic capabilities by means of benchmarking, value chain analysis, activity mapping and SWOT analysis * consider how managers can develop strategic capabilities for their organizations * Chapter 4 (strategic purpose)

* consider appropriate ways to express the strategic purpose of an organization in terms of statements of purpose, values, vision, mission or objectives * identify the components of the governance chain of an organization * understand the differences in governance structures and the advantages and disadvantages of these * identify differences in the corporate responsibility stances taken by organizations and how ethical issues relate to strategic purpose * undertake stakeholder analysis as a means of identifying the influence of different stakeholder groups in term of their power and interest

* Chapter 5 (Culture and strategy)
* identify organizations that have experienced strategic drift and the symptoms of strategic drift * analyse how history influences the strategic position of organizations * analyse the influence of an organizations culture on its strategy using the cultural web * recognize the importance of strategists questioning the taken for granted aspects of a culture


* how organizations relate to competitors in terms of their competitive business strategies * how broad and diverse organizations should be in terms of their corporate portfolios * how far organizations should extend themselves internationally * how organizations are creative and innovative

* how organizations pursue strategies through organic development, acquisitions or strategic alliances *
* Chapter 6 (business strategy)

* identify strategic business units in organisations
* assess business strategy in terms of generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus * identify business strategies suited to hypercompetitive competitions * assess the benefits of cooperation in business strategy...
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