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‘How to Prepare a Skills Matrix’
A Skills Matrix is one of the most simple, but highly effective, tools available to assess training needs. It is easily reviewed and updated, and presents the skills of team members in a single chart. This guide examines how a Skills Matrix will help you to: • Review the skills and competences required for roles within the team • Assess training needs • Identify gaps in skills within the team • Build commitment to the development of new skills.

A Skills Matrix is a table that clearly shows the skills held by individuals in a team, and the skills gaps within a team.

Key steps in preparing a Skills Matrix
To get the most out of your Skills Matrix you will need to: 1.Identify the job roles in your team

2. Review and code standards of performance

3. Assess the requirement for on-the-job training.

An example of a completed Skills Matrix is provided at the end of this guide, as well as a blank proforma. Look at the example, photocopy the proforma, and using your own team as a guide, follow these steps to prepare a Skills Matrix. (For more on Organisational Training Plans, see ‘How to Develop an Organisational Training Plan’).

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1. Identifying job roles
List your team members in the left-hand column of the blank proforma. Identify up to 8 key tasks or roles that your team must fulfil to be effective and achieve its goals. It may help to use the following tips: • Ask yourself and your team “What are the main things that individuals in the team have to be able to do?” • Refer to Job Descriptions for the team. • Use National Vocational Qualification standards (NVQs) to help compile your list. The standards are a helpful starting point, which list the key skills required to operate in a wide range of business areas. • Consider new tasks and skills that may be required of your team in the...
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