Six Tips to Customize Your HR Dashboard

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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6 Tips to Customize Your HR Dashboard
by Jeremy Shapiro 
Six Tips to Customize Your HR Dashboard
What should your recruiting dashboard look like? To begin, it must be able to suit your organization’ s many unique requirements and priorities. Creating the ideal dashboard is not easy, but it helps when designing it to visualize a car’s dashboard. A car’s dashboard tells you when there is danger, or when you should accelerate. In essence, great dashboards are visual representations of data used to make important decisions. Below are 6 tips to help your metrics team customize the best recruiting dashboard for your organization.  

1 Set specific goals.
Each metric in a dashboard should have a target or target range by which to measure it. Creating a clear visual of where the organization is versus where the management’s target is will make evaluating progress much easier. You may want to set these targets by compiling management interviews and human resources priorities. This information can then be used to set the measurement goal against the organization’ s desired performance. Ideally, the measurement goal will help you determine a hard dollar amount of savings or revenue increase (for example, decreasing turnover by 10 percent results in a 5 million dollar annual savings). It can also aid in tying back a stated executive priority (for example, we promote a culture of promoting from within).  

2 Model your measures.
Say you have already determined your executive’s priorities. You now need to model what the metric will look like. How do you identify the data you will need or the best practices appropriate for this measure? Model your metric using dummy data in a spreadsheet first. Then validate your decisions by shopping the metric around for feedback.  

3 Build your metrics.
This is the actual work of creating the metric using real data. If you have an ad hoc tool, this could be user-accessible; if not, you may need to enlist a technical resource to...
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