Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Topics: Basketball, Education, School Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Should College Athletes get paid?
College Athletes are students not professionals
We go to college in hopes of a job to make money
Students must learn to contribute to society
Athletes make choice to commit time to their sport
Why should athletes get paid to go to school?
Athletes get paid in scholarships
Students with full ride are debt free of college loans
“The money they would be using would be coming out of the university’s general funds, which would mean taking money away from academic scholarships, classroom resources and professors’ salaries. Athletes already have their tuitions paid for, not to mention their room and board, meal plans, and all of the other perks they receive.” – Amanda Bokshan of USA today Student first- athlete second

Paul Daugherty of Sports Illustrated said, “It's one thing to go to school for free and to leave free of debt. It's quite another to work your way through and depart with a five-figure yoke around your neck.” Athletes debt free after college

Regular Students have loans to pay after college

Most schools are losing money
Paying athletes would increase debt for school
USA TODAY reports, “Out of the 120 FBS (another name for Division 1) schools, only twelve broke even or made a profit last year.” Where would the money come from?
Money given to students takes away from other programs
Would decrease number of sports offered at school

Discrimination between sports
Football and Basketball make most money for school
Unfair to pay just football and basketball players
Would have to pay other athletes from all sports
Title IX
Increase both women’s and men’s scholarships
Risk federal funding if they do not obey Title IX
Women’s Bowling is an NCAA sport
Men’s is not, therefore, I don’t get scholarship
Competitive disadvantage for small schools
Bigger conferences make more money than small ones
Cause larger gap in recruiting
Duke vs Rutgers or USC vs Temple
Would see the same...
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