Short Talks

Topics: African American, Black people, Slavery Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 25, 2013
English 1102
I start off with a couple of stereotypes I recently heard or saw people discussing and give my feelings/opinions on why I feel people say things like that. Next is my feelings toward SSU, it’s a mixed feeling really a love and hate relationship. I end my short talks with my first, and definitely not my last, fight I had; that occurred in kindergarten. All I can say about that is never and I mean NEVER touch my crayons! On Stereotypes- “All black people like chicken,” is one of the most commonly known stereotypes but recently I ran into some really interesting stereotypes; like all black people have gaps, if your black your house has roaches, black people were more helpful to America as slaves, all black people are ugly when they’re babies, and black girls put weave in their hair because they don’t have any. When I hear people talk like this all I can do is laugh at the ignorance, you have to be on a whole other level of stupid to even think like that and then to let that stupidity slip out of your mouth. People let statements like that get to them and get them all roweled up over it but, you have to sit back sometimes and think about where they get their point of view on African Americans people from. I find that a lot of it comes from the older generations in their family where the racism is still alive and brewing, and once again I laugh because it is 2013 and if you still feel African Americans should be slaves and they’re ignorant monkeys then go ahead and do you. As far as those other statements though I have a gap I know plenty of “black people” who don’t, my house doesn’t have roaches and never will, I wouldn’t be a good slave because I’m way too strong willed and I only work for pay, I was a beautiful baby, and plenty of African American girls have long beautiful hair. On Savannah State- “You are so rachet with your power outs, slow wifi, bad cable connection, rude faculty and staff, and rising tuition that’s mostly...
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