Short Story

CHAPTER ONE: Families, Friends, and a Frienemy, oh my!

Caleb Breidenthal had a broken leg. Or, at least, he did ten years ago. That was why he hadn't become a doctor. The blood had freaked him out. So did the hospital itself. Caleb steered clear of the doctors and dentists and stuff after that. Just thinking of the smell made him feel sick.

The broken leg was also the reason he hadn't married his teenage sweetheart. She had felt too guilty because he had broken it skiing with her. It had been at the peak of his life, he had just turned 23 and was in his first month of medical school. It had been a bad break and troubles with it had had him in and out of hospitals for a year before he started to get his life back. He had been horribly shocked to find that while he had been shut up in his mom's house for the past year, all his friends, horribly concerned and scared at first had, slowly moved on with their lives.

His brother Austin had gotten his bachelors degree three years before after two years of college and was now playing as backup guitar with every singer you could name, Taylor Swift, One Republic, Boys Like Girls, even the Jonas Brothers.

His friend/enemy/neighbor Katrina was now counseling troubled young teens all over the world, and their parents were shelling out some pretty money for it too.
His partner in crime, Jonathan was now designing bridges and fountains and streets all over California, enjoying his life as a Civil Engineer.
His baby sister Ginger was finishing college and working part time as a swim teacher at the local pool. Her hunky new lifeguard boyfriend was none other than another little kid who Caleb knew from way back. His name was Travis and he was the little brother of another friend named James.

James was the well paid limo driver of another great friend. Felicia, the short, slightly plump, bookworm-ish, goofy, and immature little girl he had once known, was now a slim and very sophisticated, tough as nails editor and...
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