Shc21.1 Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate

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SHC21-1 Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate.

Through positive relationships children respond to eye contact, verbal and non-verbal interaction; they anticipate and initiate communication with others, learning to respond in many ways. Children do this through listening to others, watching and imitating them and through joining in with rhymes, stories and games using sounds and words. In this way they learn to attend to important features of communication and to respond, eventually being able to divide their attention between what is being said and what they are doing. Understanding what has been said to them, saying things to others, being treated as a communicator and sharing in talk with others is all part of the communication process. In this aspect of communication and language children will show understanding in many ways including by responding appropriately to what somebody has said, following instructions and responding to and asking questions to check out meaning. Their understanding of what is being said to them far outweighs what they can say. Every experience a child has will extend their understanding if adults are there sharing the experience and helping them. As well as communicating through words and gestures children begin to communicate their ideas by making marks on paper – at the beginning these marks are simply physical explorations of what they can do and what the paint, felt tip or pencil will do, but eventually children begin to give some meaning to the marks they make and this can lead into many types of communication including drawing, writing and creating pictures or models. Children also communicate through the creative and expressive arts and through the ways they express their personalities. They also realise that as well as human beings communicating with them books and TVs have something to communicate too! So toddlers choose favourite story books to look at and maintain interest for a while in very short TV...
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