Shark Attack

Topics: Heart, Brachial artery, Muscle Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Nervous, Muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, Integumentary.
1) The humerus, biceps, triceps, skin, and all veins and arteries in the arm. 2) The nervous system was most likely not reattached because it’s way too difficult/probably impossible to attach all of the nerves back in the arm. 3) The clean bite made it easier to attach the muscles and arteries. If they were ripped and torn, the reattachment would be extremely difficult. 4) The doctor had to trim the bone on each side of the cut to put in the plate that keeps the two parts of his arm together. 5) Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, mobility of fingers 7) Raising the arm could be more difficult and the range of motion for the different parts of the arm would be affected. This is because of the nerves being damaged. 8) Collateral Circulation- Multiple circulation paths supplying a particular area. Found in upper extremity: Scapula and head of the humerus. 9) Branches of the profunda brachii artery, inferior ulnar collateral artery, and anterior and posterior ulnar artery. 10) Throwing a baseball, moving his fingers, writing.

11) Jim’s nerves in the arm are damaged.
12) Hello Mr. and Mrs. Jim’s parents. We have completed surgery on your son’s arm. Fortunately, the shark bite was clean which made repair a lot easier and more effective. Most of the bones, muscle, and veins in his arm have been reattached and are functioning well. The nerves in his arm couldn’t be completely restored so it is unlikely that he will have full use of his arm. Although it is unlikely, it’s not impossible! He still will have limited function with his arm no matter what. 13) Even if the surgery were successful, the nerves of the arm wouldn’t recover as quickly and completely as muscle because nerves don’t grow or regenerate as well as muscle. 14) If he were eighty, surgery would have been less effective because at that age, recovery takes forever with all injuries.
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