Shakespearean Tragedy

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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The Substance of Shakespearean Tragedy Summary
The question that is asked is what is the nature of the tragic aspects of what Shakespeare had produced? Shakespeare would use tragedy in a lot in his poems and plays. There would be different ways so understand of how Shakespeare had addressed those tragedies. Shakespeare uses various things to create a tragedy. The first thing that Shakespeare uses to create a tragedy is the number of people that are being involved in it. Mainly it is the story of one person which the ‘hero’ unless it is a romantic tragedy which can involve a hero and heroine. In a Shakespeare Tragedy the death of the hero is fixed. The story also always involves the hero’s history and how it has lead to the death of his. It becomes a tale of the suffering and calamity. The tragedy always involves a person of ‘high degree’ which automatically affects the whole nation after his/her fall. Also there are number of times when the characters are working together. This way the collaboration that takes place leads to different events which in the end cause a calamity. Men can also been seen as agents that lead to their own misery but will not diminish in the story. The ‘story’ or ‘action’ does not completely depend on human action or deeds, though the deeds can be considered as one of the major factors. One of things that reach out the most is that any catastrophe is to be expected because of the deeds of a character. Some other things other than deeds that can affect the ‘story’ can be if the character is any abnormal condition in the mind such as hallucinations. Supernatural also is another element that Shakespeare uses in some of his tragedies. Another element that influences a story is ‘accidents’ or ‘chances’. This mainly led to the collaboration of different characters. ‘Accidents’ and ‘Chance’ cannot be controlled. Conflict also can be an attribute of a tragedy which can be between two people or maybe two groups of people and the hero is one of...
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