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This promotional campaign project will give you the opportunity and responsibility to develop a professional advertising campaign for a product of your choice. The campaign will be completed in two phases that will be handed in for review and suggestions during the semester. The entire campaign will be due on the last class period. You will work with 2-3 classmates and each group will prepare a written report and brief presentation during the semester. Groups will hand in a group activity memo with each phase of the campaign detailing meetings (minutes and attendance), activities for which individual group members were responsible, etc. Peer evaluations will be given out after phase one and at the end of the semester. The promotional campaign should span a one year time period. You should recommend a budget for the campaign that will be optimal in order to satisfy your objectives. Preliminary Research Needed

Secondary Research
Each group will conduct secondary research to gain an understanding of industry trends and the product category, the market (and how it is segmented), competition, the potential target audiences, and their decision making process. You will be able to access a variety of secondary sources on line and through the UMASS library. Some recommended sources include:

• Simmons Study of Media and Markets (1994) - demographics Lifestyle Market Analyst (psychographic information)
• Encyclopedia of American Industries (trends)
• Trade publications
• Encyclopedia of Associations (identify trade organizations) • Trade Shows Worldwide
• Standard Rates and Data
• Media kits
• Infotrac
• Lexis-Nexis
• Internet/Web site
• Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
Mike Davis, our Business Reference Librarian will be hosting a session for you during class time. He will highlight both print and electronic resources which will be of value to you as you construct your promotional campaign.

In addition, if you are not able to obtain secondary information on your potential target audience and their decision-making behavior, you will want to conduct primary research of your own. This will involve data collection either through interviews, surveys, and/or focus groups. Consultation

During the campaign work phases when you are given time to meet with your group, I will be available to answer questions, provide feedback, and offer suggestions. Please use this group time wisely. Your participation in these group sessions will be reflected in your class participation grade and campaign grade. If you need additional help outside of class time, feel free to see me during my office hours or set up a special appointment. You can also address questions to me via email. Length of the Campaign

Your entire campaign should not exceed 50 pages in length (including text, tables, references, and creative materials). This page limit will lead you to focus on the quality of your campaign and not on the number of pages you write. You may find it useful to summarize some of the information gathered in your Situational Analysis in charts or tables to enhance the organization and clarity of your campaign. A couple of charts may save you several pages of writing. Charts or tables may also be used in the Situational Analysis, Marketing and Promotional Plans and are necessary in the Media Plan. The text of the campaign should focus on interpreting the information you gather, on your strategies, and rationale. Grading

The written campaign and presentation represents 30% of your course grade. It is expected that each group member will contribute equally to the project and presentation and receive the group's project and presentation grades. Lack of participation on the part of a group member will significantly affect their grade. Participation is evaluated through the group activity reports and peer evaluations. Grammar, Writing Style...
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