Sex, Race, and Class Final Exam Study Guide

Topics: Racism, Discrimination, Sociology Pages: 5 (1231 words) Published: March 24, 2013

TEST FORMAT: The test will contain 55 multiple-choice questions and one essay question. The entire test will be worth 125 points.

For the exam you will need: #2 pencil, Scantron form 2052 (brownish-orangeish), and one additional sheet of paper.

First, you should make sure that you have completed all of the assigned readings. Next, you should make sure you have a complete set of course notes and hard copies of the Power Point slides. Having a hardcopy of the PowerPoint slides will be especially useful for studying (statistical) information presented in the charts and graphs. I would recommend that you focus most heavily on the places where the material from the assigned readings and lecture material overlap. There will be some questions drawn from the assigned readings that were not discussed in class. For that reason, in order to score in the A or B range, it is absolutely essential that you review the assigned readings by utilizing the Reading and Discussion Qs.

Please review these specific readings. There is at least one question from each on the exam. In other words, there is at least 12 points at stake.
Page, Clarence
Lamberth, John
Harkness, Geoff
Kimmel, Michael
Larew, John

If you don’t see one of the terms below in your notes, try to Google it to refresh your memory.

Socialization, “gender training”/gender bootcamp
Media representation, media framing, media effects
Media omnivores
Macro-level, micro-level
Social distance (Bogardus)
Confirmation bias
Audit study
Institutional racism (institutional discrimination)
White privilege
Index of dissimilarity

Learning about Differences
·What kinds of lessons do children learn about gender while growing up? What kind of “gender training” do we receive from our parents? Please review this section of the class, paying attention to examples dealing with language, physical interaction, and toys/clothing/books, etc. What are the consequences of these kinds of interaction? [These Qs apply both to the essay and multiple-choice Qs] ·What kinds of gender lessons are learned in school? Especially, what differences did Sadker and Sadker uncover in their studies of gender in elementary school—especially in terms of how teachers interact with male and female students? What are the differences in interaction, and what are their consequences? ·What are some of the differences in the way that working- and middle-class families socialize their children? In particular, recall examples dealing with differences in the use of language and social interaction across social classes, as discussed by Annette Lareau and Hart & Risley.

Portraying Differences in Language and Media
·What can we learn about language differences between men and women from the research of Deborah Tannen? Who talks more? How do they use talk for different purposes? ·In general, how much television/media do Americans take in each day? How do these patterns vary by race, gender, age, etc.? ·What are studies of media representation? What do we learn from these studies? ·What are studies of media framing? What do we learn from these studies? ·What are studies of media effects and “cultivation analysis” (George Gerbner)? What do we learn from these studies, in terms of the impact of media exposure on issues related to sex/gender, race, and social class?

Prejudice and Discrimination: Race and Ethnicity
·What are: prejudice and discrimination? What is racism and how is it different from discrimination? ·How is prejudice defined in the Bogardus’s social distance scale? What do we learn from this measure in terms of how prejudice has changed over time? ·Looking at public opinion polls and surveys, to what extent do Americans think that racism and racial tensions...
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