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Food & Beverage Systems Service Procedure
* It is the act of providing customers with a wide range of meal-related benefits and experiences. * Service is what makes people feel good about spending money to eat out.

1. Cleanliness of the premise
2. Hospitality of the staffs
3. Accuracy
4. Maintenance of facilities
5. Product Quality
6. Speed with Service
* The food is brought from the kitchen to the dining room on heavy silver platters and placed on a cart called guéridon. * Food is either cooked or completed at a side table in front of the guest using a small spirit stove called rechaud. * The principal server is called chef de rang (or experienced server) assisted by the commis de rang. * All food is served and cleared from right of the guests except for butter, bread and salad, which should be placed on the left side of the guests.

* Guest received a great deal of attention
* Entertaining
* Extremely elegant
* Fewer guest maybe served
* More space is necessary
* Requires highly professional server
* Time consuming
* Two servers are needed
* The food is fully prepared and attractively arranged on a silver platter in the kitchen. * The server places a heated plate before each guest from the right side, going around the table clockwise. Then the server brings the platter of food from the kitchen to dining room and presents them to the guests. * Standing to the left of each guest and holding the platter of food in the left hand, the server shows each guest the food and then, using a large spoon and fork dishes up the desired portion on the guest’s plate. * The server continues serving clockwise around the table and returns the remaining food to the kitchen. Advantages

* One server is needed
* As elegant as...
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