Service Operation of a Travel Agency

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Chapter 1
Introduction and Background of the Study

Travel Agency is a commercial enterprise where traveler can secure information and expertise, get impartial counseling, and make arrangement to travel by air, sea or land, to any point in the world. It acts as an agent of the different suppliers in the tourism industry (also known as travel components), namely: the transportation companies, hotels/ resorts, car rental companies, tour operators and sightseeing companies. (Retrieved from Access: Introduction to Travel and Tourism by Mancini, Marc /Edition 2 Cencage Learning. 2006, September 10, 2012) The travel agencies are businesses that help the public with their travel plans and needs. Some agencies are small, whereas others are part of vast networks such as American Express and the American Automobile Association (AAA), or consortia, alliances of semi-independent agencies that work together to leverage buying clout and share common resources. Most travel agencies operate offices that consumers can visit or call. A few, such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity, are “virtual” agencies that sell through Internet Web sites. They have no offices open to the public and largely rely on their computer-based self -service approach to sell travel. They do employ travel agents, however, to handle sales situations in which customers feel a strong need to talk to

someone (such as when selecting cruises and tours). It can target their sales primarily to leisure travelers, to business travelers, or to both. And travel agents can work out of traditional “brick and mortar” locations (for example, in a mall) or, increasingly, out of their homes. (Access: Introduction to Travel and Tourism by Marc Mancini/ Edition 2 Cencage Learning. 2006, September 10, 2012)

Statement of the Problem
The study aims to determine the attributes on enhancing service operation of selected travel agencies in Cavite. Specifically, it aims to answer the following question: 1. What are the respondents profile in terms of:

a) Age
b) Gender
c) Occupation
d) Civil Status
e) Income
2. What are the attributes demands sources enhancement in form of the following: a. Facilities
b. Customer Service
c. Knowledge about the Company

d. Employee Qualification
3. What are the strategies being implemented by different travel agencies towards service enhancement?

There is significant relationship between the respondents’ demographic profile and their attributes demands sources enhancement in form of Facilities, Customer Service, Knowledge about the Company and Employee Qualification.

Scope Delimitations and Limitations of the Study

This study was conducted to describe and analyze the respondent’s perception towards the attributes on enhancing service operations. The respondent’s are from Cavite. This is about the point of view of every customer who is visiting the place. The study held in Cavite. For Academic year 2012-2013, a research study on attributes on establishing travel agency was initiated.

This study will tackle the attributes on enhancing service operation on the selected travel agencies in Cavite. This will run from June to October 2012. The study will cover the

information of the travel agencies in Cavite. The survey questionnaire will be distributed by giving paper survey questionnaire.

Significance of the Study

This study will determine the attributes for establishing travel agency in a variety of aspect such as proper function of related organization, proper marketing mix according to special circumstances of the agency. It seems that knowing each of these factors is necessary for entering the agency to tourism markets.

Promoting of it should be paramount which caused to raise the awareness of the related organization for this issue. It is necessary for these organizations to specify the significance of raising the...
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