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Project Management
Lecture 1
Introduction to Project Management

Teaching Staff
• Dr Dannie Talbot
• Email:
• Dr James Smith
• Email:

Formal Outcomes
The intended learning outcomes are that by the
end of this module students should be able to:
• Develop a project management plan in a
business context
• Critically evaluate different approaches to
project management
• Evaluate methods of managing large scale

Our Intention
• To give you an insight into both the theory
and reality of project management
• To equip you with useful skills & tools for
your PM toolkit
• To enable you to critically assess projects.

Indicative Content
• Linking projects to
business strategy and
• Project definition & scope
• ‘soft systems
• Project organisation
• Project quality
• Project cost and benefit

Project scheduling
Risk management
Project definition
Implementation and
• Project management
systems and methods
• Project management
information systems
• Communication.

Course Textbook
Jeffrey K Pinto

Project Management:
Achieving Competitive
Second Edition
Available from campus

Two lectures every week:
• Wednesday 10-11 & Thursday 1-2pm
One weekly seminar
• Please sign up for a seminar slot (on
moodle) if you have not already done so!
Self directed/online study.

• Case studies
• Practical exercises for hands-on
experience of using project management
• Discussion
• Please prepare for seminars and be ready
to participate.

• Coursework 1 = 50%
• Coursework 2 = 50%
• You must get a mark of at least 35% in
each coursework and the overall module
mark must be at least 40% in order to
pass the module.

Coursework 1
Produce a 1500 word report on a project:
• Developing an online shop to sell a product of your choice • A graduation ball for your course
• A small-scale project on which you are currently working. Hand in date: 4pm on 26th October 2012.
• An identical copy must be submitted to Turnitin using the link on the 344SAM moodle page.

Coursework 2
• Produce a 3000 word report on a major project –
the NHS computer scheme project – to
demonstrate critical understanding of project
management planning, execution, risk
management and delivery.
• Hand in date: 4pm on 11th January 2013.
• An identical copy must be submitted to Turnitin.


• We are not permitted to mark assignments
that have not been submitted via Turnitin!

• Any questions?

An Introduction to Project Management

“All of mankind’s greatest accomplishments
– from building the great pyramids to
discovering a cure for polio to putting a man
on the moon – began as a project.”
(Larson & Gray, 2011, p. 3)

• The Project Management Institute (PMI),
in the Project Management Body of
Knowledge (PMBoK), define a project as:
“A temporary endeavor undertaken to create
a unique product or service” (2000, p. 4)

• The Project Management Institute was
founded in 1969.
• It has >270,000 members from >125
• PMI certificates Project Management
Professionals (PMP)
• Entry level qualification is Certified
Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

• Core content for PM courses:

Project selection & initiation
Project planning
Project execution and control
Project close
Ethics & professional responsibility.

Project Elements

Limited by budget, time, resources
Clear objective or goal
Customer focused.

Project Characteristics

Ad hoc & temporary
Building blocks of organisational strategy
Drives change
Need control
Outcome = customer satisfaction
Terminate when...
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