Separation of Eddy Current and Hysteresis Losses

Topics: Magnetic field, Transformer, Inductor Pages: 16 (3485 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Laboratory Report Assignment N. 2

Separation of Eddy Current and Hysteresis Losses

Instructor Name:    Dr. Walid Hubbi

By: Dante Castillo
Mordechi Dahan
Haley Kim


November 21, 2010
ECE 494 A -102
Electrical Engineering Lab Ill 

Table of Contents

Equipment and Parts4
Equipment and parts ratings5
Final Connection Diagram7
Data Sheets8
Computations and Results10


Initially, the purpose of this laboratory experiment was to separate the eddy-current and hysteresis losses at various frequencies and flux densities utilizing the Epstein Core Loss Testing equipment. However, due to technical difficulties encountered when using the watt-meters, and time constraints, we were unable to finish the experiment. Our professor acknowledging the fact that it was not our fault changed the objective of the experiment to the following: * To experimentally determine the inductance value of an inductor with and without a magnetic core. * To experimentally determine the total loss in the core of the transformer.

Equipment and Parts

* 1 low-power-factor (LPF) watt-meter
* 2 digital multi-meters
* 1 Epstein piece of test equipment
* Single-phase variac

Equipment and parts ratings

Multimeters: Alpa 90 Series Multimeter
Serial No. 81601112

Model: ACWM-100-2

Single-phase variac:Part Number: B2E 0-100
Model: N/A

(LPF) Watt-meter: Part Number: 43284
Model: PY5

Epstein test equipment: Part Number: N/A
Model: N/A

The procedure for this laboratory experiment consists of two phases:

A. Watt-meters accuracy determination
-Recording applied voltage
-Measuring current flowing into test circuit
-Plotting relative error vs. voltage applied
B. Determination of Inductance value for inductor w/ and w/o a magnetic core -Measuring the resistance value of the inductor
-Recording applied voltages and measuring current flowing into the circuit If part A of the above described procedure had been successful, we would have followed the following set of instructions: 1. Complete table 2.1 using (2.10)

2. Connect the circuit as shown in figure 2.1
3. Connect the power supply from the bench panel to the INPUT of the single phase variac and connect the OUTPUT of the variac to the circuit. 4. Wait for the instructor to adjust the frequency and maximum output voltage available for your panel. 5. Adjust the variac to obtain voltages Es as calculated in table 2.1. For each applied voltage, measure and record Es and W in table 2.2. The above sets of instructions make references to the manual of our course.

Final Connection Diagram

Figure 1: Circuit for Epstein core loss test set-up

The above diagrams were obtained from the section that describes the experiment in the student manual.

Data Sheets

Part 1: Experimentally Determining the Inductance Value of Inductor

Table 1: Measurements obtained without magnetic core

Inductor Without Magnetic Core|
V [V]| I [A]| Z [ohm]| P [W]|
20| 1.397| 14.31639| 27.94|
10| 0.78| 12.82051| 7.8|
15| 1.067| 14.05811| 16.005|

Table 2: Measurements obtained with magnetic core

Inductor With Magnetic Core|
V [V]| I [A]| Z [ohm]| P [W]|
10.2| 0.188| 54.25532| 1.9176|
15.1| 0.269| 56.13383| 4.0619|
20| 0.35| 57.14286| 7|

Part 2: Experimentally Determining Losses in the Core of the Epstein Testing Equipment

Table 3: Core loss data provided by instructor

 | f=30 Hz| f=40 Hz| f=50 Hz| f=60 Hz|
Bm| Es [Volts]| W [Watts]| Es [Volts]| W [Watts]| Es [Volts]| W [Watts]| Es [Volts]| W [Watts]| 0.4| 20.8| 1.0| 27.7| 1.5| 34.6| 3.0| 41.5| 3.8|
0.6| 31.1|...
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