Separate Facts from Inference

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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One of the most important things during the process of interviewing the potential candidate for hiring them in certain post or position in the organization is the interviewers must be equipped with skills that they can separate facts from inferences that they have made earlier. What is fact? Fact is something that can be proven by observation from cause to effect. An inference is something that is inferred, or implied, by the existence of two conditions. For this, every manager, supervisors and Human Resource representative should be trained to be a fact-gathering interviewer. The interviewers have responsibility to obtain proper information about the job that the applicant wants to hire. This is what the interviewer must equip themselves because the candidates they meet for the first time must be screened thoroughly. The specific approach to a fact-gathering interview will depend on variety of things, including whom they are interviewing with, their knowledge about the job position offered by the organization itself, and their own personal preferences. Every interviewer must developed unique method in conducting a fact-gathering interview because different job post interview have different way or method in collecting facts from the candidates. As interviewers, they must start collecting important fact from the candidates such as in the interview for the job as PTD (Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik). PTD is one of the posts in Malaysian Civil Service. It is administrative or executive power machinery in implementing policies and government decisions to achieve the objectives and goals of the nation. In fact, this service has its own specialized field, such as International Relations and Foreign Affairs, National Security and Defence, Management of Information and Communication Technology, Administration and Regional Development / Land / District / Local, Planning and Social Administration / Infrastructure, Human Resource...
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