Topics: Nuclear weapon, War, World War II Pages: 6 (1204 words) Published: May 8, 2013
1.Security, definition and nature, comprehensive security
2.Introduction to strategic studies, definition, nature and scope of strategic studies 3.Development of modern strategies and its various dimensions 4.The phenomena of war
5.Military alliances in IR
6.Deterrence, conceptual analysis
7.Nuclear deterrence (Nuclear Doctrine)
8.Problems of Disarmament and arms control
9.Nuclear proliferation and nuclear strategies (Nuclear Doctrine) 10.Defense and policy of Pakistan
The state of being from a danger or injury
Freedom from fear, anxiety
Security is the degree of protection against danger, loss and criminals •Security is a negative term
Concept of security:
There are two categories or school of thoughts
Traditional concept of strategy and non-traditional concept of security Traditional concept:

1.The traditional concept is that giving stress on the importance of state security 2.state is a main actor in international relations
3.traditionalists give stress on the attainment of more and more military power 4.they believe that war is only solution to any international conflict 5.they believe on hard politics
Non-traditional concept:
1.Concept of security is the social security
2.They believe that non-military issues such as economy, trade, environment, terrorism gain much more importance 3.War is not a solution to any conflict. It can be solved by peaceful means 4.Believe on soft politics.

National power:
Its components are
Political, economic and military

Comprehensive security:

Security is a negative term connotes the absence of rare and perceived threats stemming economic disparities and social inequalities to certain coveted values. State seeks national power e.g. political, economic situation and military, generate prosperity. Political-economic cooperation:

This relationship itself paves the way for comprehensive security. (increase in population and certain environmental issues) Core values:
National security and state survival
Internal and external threats:
Physical boundaries
Insurgency movements (not legally recognized)
Deprivation of essential goods
International sanctions

Internal threats:
1.Economic situation
2.Political situation
3.Ethnic issues
4.Social issues
6.Subversion ideas
Conclusion (Comprehensive security)
Comprehensive acquired that a state should protect its citizens as well as to provide economic and social opportunities with a view to improve the quality of life of its citizens.
Lecture No.2
Strategy and Tactics
Strategy and tactics are two terms used in war. These are interlinked Strategy:
It is the theory of the use combat for the object of war
It is the theory of the use of military force to combat.
Strategy is mind planning----------forces are tactics
Warfare based on deception, who are able to attack
1.We must seen unable
2.When using our forces we must seen inactive
3.we must make the enemy believe that we are away when for away, we are near. Grand strategy:
Strategy is the application on lower plan of general grand strategy General strategy looks beyond the war to the subsequent instruments but to regulate their use as to avoid danger to the future state of war. Combat= use of force morally

Tactics is the application of strategy on lower plan
The theater of war is the province of strategy while the field of battle is the province of tactics. Elements of strategy:
1. Moral, 2. Physical, 3.Mathematical (Statistically), 4.Geographical Types of strategy:
1.Modern strategy
Advance strategy is modern strategy, social media, advent of nuclear bomb, modern technology 2.Indirect strategy
On deception to cut the enemy line of communication, supply lines stoppage, destruction of head offices and sanctions. 3.Interior and exterior maneuvers
Interior= Geographical location is defined
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