Section 17-21

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Section 17-19: Electoral Tribunal and Commission on Appointments in Congress Section 17
The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each have an Electoral Tribunal which shall be the sole judge of any contests relating to the: •Election
qualifications of their Respective members.
Section 18
There shall be a Commission on Appointments consisting of:
Twelve Senators
Twelve members of the House of Representative, elected by each House, on the basis of proportional representation of the political parties therein. The President of the Senate shall be the Chairman ex-officio of the Commission, but shall not vote, except in case of tie. Section 19

The Electoral Tribunals and the Commission of Appointments shall be constituted within thirty days after the Senate and the House of Representatives shall have been organized with the election of their President and Speaker, respectively. The Commission on Appointments shall meet only while the Chairman or a majority of its Members, to discharge such powers and functions as are herein conferred upon it. Electoral Tribunal

Composition, constitution and jurisdiction
It is created in each House of Congress
Composed of 9 members
3 Justices of Supreme Court
6 members of the Senate or the House of Representatives
Shall be constituted within 30 days
It has exclusive jurisdiction over all contests
Reason for creation
Under the 1973 constitution
Given to the Commission on Elections
To be free from the control of political parties
To insure a fair and impartial determination of election contests Enables Congress to concentrate on its proper function, lawmaking Commission on Appointments in Congress
Composition, constitution and nature
Composed of 25 members
President of the Senate as ex officio chairman
12 senators
12 members of the House of Representatives
Constituted within 30 days after the Senate & House of Representatives have...
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