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By | November 2012
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Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein was an american fashion designer . he was born in New York in 1942. In 1962 , Calvin Klein worked for the traditional suit apprentice . After five years he design for other shops . and finally he studied at the famous New York Fashion College in 1968 founded Calvin Klein "Calvin Klein".The company include Calvin Klein Collection (senior men and women fashion), Calvin Klein (modern female clothing), Calvin Klein Jeans (jeans), ck (epidemic men and women clothing), Calvin Klein Underwear (male and female underwear, underwear), Calvin Klein Home (bedding, furniture and other supplies), and perfume . Calvin Klein was a well-deserved for the nation's most well-known fashion designer.

Began to establish their own company from 1968 to the present, Calvin Klein fashion aspect for three years, the prestigious, and is considered a representative figure in American fashion today. He believes that today's fashion is modern, minimalist, comfortable, beautiful, casual yet elegant atmosphere, and this is Calvin Klein's design philosophy. He said: I also found the essence of American style with international characteristics. Like New York, he was not a typical American city, but a typical international city. London, Tokyo or Seoul. People living in these cities my design to respond to, because their lives and their needs are very similar. Regardless of the modern living where it is, has its commonalities.

Calvin Klein was a very keen of the popular touch designer . the underwear and new length skirt asymmetric skirt both first create by calvin klein . his design was for fashion buyer's popular guarantee . at the end of the century , calvin klein believe that the fashion will be more and more casual , freash , simple of the main .

Calvin Klein was not only a fashion designer but also a business man and a master of the advertising creative .in the late 1970s , he started to design jean . he used the star BrookShieds to be the...

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