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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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SIM5202 Advanced Software Engineering
Mini Project

1.0 Project Overview
Software engineering is concerned with theories, methods and tools for professional software development. The fundamental themes of process, dependability requirements, management and reuse are important concerns in software development. Software engineers always try to discover solutions to problems using applicable theories and methods (and sometimes discover new ways) to help organisation develops more effectively and efficiently IT solutions for their employees and customers. 2.0 Project Guidelines

The group is requires to identify problems and issues facing by their organisation (or related organisation) and to propose an IT solution to this organisation. By using the current and latest trends (e.g. reuse, cbsd, distributed computing, web-service, security aspect etc.) of software engineering theories, methods and tools develops a modern edge software system framework and demonstrate using a prototype. Based on the selected target context, conduct a study to acquire user’s requirements by using any requirements gathering techniques e.g. questionnaire, focus group, observation etc. Design prototype by referring to the detailed user guide given above and the requirements of your target users. All designs should be mapped as to make the design processes explicit. The developed solution will consist of interactive prototypes (e.g., based on JavaScript, IDE, web-graphical tools). Finally, conduct a formative evaluation study by describing the formulated framework and asking the organisation to try out the prototype. Gather and analyse the evaluation results. As a whole the project must notes the importance of

* Requirement and design activities
* Formative evaluation both quantitative and qualitative
* Implementation (i.e. prototype)
* Future visions
3.0 Other Deliverables and Grading
Each group must deliver:
* Concept Proposal
* To documents...
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