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Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model
Overview - Version 10.0

supply chain council

About Supply Chain Council
Supply Chain Council (SCC, is a global nonprofit organization whose framework, improvement methodology, and benchmarking tools help member organizations make dramatic and rapid improvements in supply chain performance. SCC established and maintains the supply chain world’s most widely accepted framework for evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and their performance: the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model. The SCOR framework makes it possible for organizations to quickly determine and compare the performance of supply chain and related operations within their organization and against other organizations. SCC and its member volunteers continually advance these tools and provide education on how to leverage them for achieving superior supply chain performance. A consortium of 69 organizations founded SCC in 1996. Today, the SCOR model is used by thousands of organizations worldwide. SCC membership is open to all organizations interested in applying and advancing the state-of-the-art in supply chain management systems and practices. Our members represent a broad cross-section of industries including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers as well as technology solution providers, business consultants, academic institutions, and government organizations. SCC has chapters in Australia/New Zealand, Greater China, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Southern Africa, and South East Asia. Supply Chain Council’s website contains additional information on the SCOR model, SCC membership, and other resources.

Join Supply Chain Council
SCC’s frameworks, network, benchmarking, research, and training help your management team analyze your supply chains faster, quickly recognize opportunities, implement changes, improve operational processes, track results, and sustain gains. SCC is an active, peer-led research organization with a keen focus on continuous research and development. Membership participation on committees and working groups contributes to the development of new models, tools, and practices that are released to the membership. Membership gives every supply chain professional within your organization access to the SCOR® model, the Customer Chain Operations Reference (CCORSM) model for customer chain management, and the Design Chain Operations Reference (DCORSM) model for design chain management. We invite you to learn more and join us. - - +1 202 962 0440


SCOR The Global Supply Chain Language
The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) model provides a unique framework that links performance metrics, processes, best practices, and people into a unified structure. The framework supports communication between supply chain partners and enhances the effectiveness of supply chain management, technology, and related supply chain improvement activities. Organizational benefits of adopting the SCOR model include: • Rapid assessment of supply chain performance • Clear identification of performance gaps • Efficient supply chain network redesign and optimization • Enhanced operational control from standard core processes • Streamlined management reporting and organizational structure • Alignment of supply chain team skills with strategic objectives • A detailed game plan for launching new businesses and products • Systematic supply chain mergers that capture projected savings SCOR is a consensus model. It was developed and continues to evolve with the direct input of industry leaders who manage global supply chains and use it daily to analyze and improve the performance of their organizations. It features an intentionally broad scope and definitions that can be adapted to the specific supply chain requirements of any industry or...
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