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Java Standard Edition (Java SE)(J2SE):
Java Development Kit:
Java Runtime Environment:
Java Virtual Machines (JVM)
Deployment Technologies
Utilities needed to compile, test, and debug applications
Operating Systems
Java Micro Edition (Java ME)(J2ME):
Connected Device Configuration (CDC)
Standard Java Virtual Machine
Used on devices without extreme constraints of resources
Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC)
Small compact Java Virtual Machine (Sun’s K Virtual Machine) Reduced set of class libraries
API’s which define the application’s life-cycle model, user interface, and device properties access CDC Profiles:
Foundation Profile (FP)
Personal Profile (PP)
Personal Basic Profile (PBP)
CLDC Profiles:
Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)
Information Module Profile (IMP)
Optional Packages
Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)(J2EE):
Follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
Servlets – work as the controller
JavaServer Pages – handle the view or presentation logic
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) – business logic

* The Java Remote Method Invocation API
Contained in the java.rmi package
The RMI server maintains the remote objects
The RMI client maintains the client objects that invoke the remote methods. This is done by implementing a remote interface through a client stub. Stubs are created with the ‘rmic’
Stubs = client stubs
The client stub’s marshal method calls the name and arguments and sends them to the skeleton on the server side. After they receive the results from the sender, they return the result back to the method call invoker. Skeletons = remote stubs

The server stub’s receive marshal method calls the name and arguments from the client stubs, performs the necessary operations, and returns the result back to the client stub. Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP)

The underlying protocol for the Java-only implementation of RMI Benefits of Remote...
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