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Topics: Fertilizer, Soil, Manure Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Sci. Proj. Hypothesis: I greatly think that variations of fertilizer will not make any difference in plant growth. I.Bibliography
Effect of Organic Fertilizers Application on Growth, Yield and Quality of Tomatoes in North Kordofan (sandy soil) western Sudan b.Author(s):
Kh. H. M. Ibrahim
O.A.S. Fadni
Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Vol. 3, April 2013

d.Source: II.Main Idea
This article’s objective was to examine the effect physical, chemical and nutritional properties of the soil and increasing crops yield. Five treatments were used in this experiment. Results showed that organic fertilizers positively affected physical growth, nutrition, and yield. III.Supporting Details

a.Results showed that tomato growth parameters in the first season (2009) were significantly, influenced by different organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers have a clear impact on the different stages of plant growth (physical). b.Added organic fertilizers increased the proportion of organic carbon in the soil surface, this showed an increase of organic matter, which has a significant impact in plant nutrition. c.Data represents the yield parameters in the first season (2009/10). All parameters measured gave highly significant differences among treatments. Tomato yield was positively affected by organic fertilizers application. IV.Analysis of Article

a.Despite being relative to my science project, this article was rather more complex and specific. I can see this article as my science project put into real life application and at a professional level. The goal of my science project is to see how different fertilizers will affect overall plant growth. The goal of this article was to demonstrate the effect of different organic fertilizers on growth, yield, and quality of tomatoes in the sandy soil of North Kordofan. b.Strengths of this paper include the...
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