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Editor's Challenge - Chapter 10

The following two-page letter contains 45 intentional errors in sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and proofreading. Be watching for wordy phrases, comma splices, run-ons, and fragments. Delete these instructions when you print.

Wright Research Consultants
6592 Galveston Plaza
Houston, TX 77038
Web: http://www.wrightresearch.comPhone: (713) 220-9184E-mail:

April 15, 201x

Dr. Morris Edelson
Consumer Credit Service
6025 Rustic Avenue
Houston, TX 77087

Dear Dr. Edelson:

At your request, my staff and myself is submitting the following proposal regarding a survey of college students credit habits in the Austin, Texas, area.

As you point out, credit purchases among college students is burdening them with to much debt, more then half of the full-time undergraduate students at four-year universitys now has at least one major credit card. Although students account for less then 3 percent of the domestic credit card business, a significant number of these students is having more trouble then other borrowers in repaying. Credit card use among students has rose dramatically in the past decade.

We understand that your non-profit organizations principle goal is to open a credit counseling service aimed at college students in the Austin area. Specifically, you want to investigate (1) credit card habits among college students in general, (2) credit card habits among students in the Austin area, and (3) the affectiveness of student counseling services in other college towns.

Proposed Plan
On the basis of our experience in conducting alot of local and national surveys, Wright Research propose to develop a short but thorough questionnaire probing the data you desire. We will submit the questionnaire for you approval, and we will consult with you regarding the exact sample and it’s demographics. Data from the survey will be analyze by our experienced team of...
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