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Topics: Organism, Metabolism, Biology Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Students final report card grade will be based on the evidence provided of these overall curriculum expectations: Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration
Demonstrate scientific investigation skills in four areas: initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting and communicating. •Identify and describe a variety of careers related to the fields of science under study, and identify scientists, including Canadians, who have made contributions to those fields.

Technological applications that affect biological processes and cellular functions are used in the food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. •Biological molecules and their chemical properties affect cellular processes and biochemical reactions. •Biochemical compounds play important structural and functional roles in cells of all living organisms.

Metabolic Processes
All metabolic processes involve chemical changes and energy conversions. •An understanding of metabolic processes enables people to make informed choices with respect to a range of personal, societal, and environmental issues.

Molecular Genetics
DNA contains all the genetic information for any living organism. •Proteins control a wide variety of cellular processes.
Genetic research and biotechnology have social, legal, and ethical implications.

Organisms have strict limits on the internal conditions that they can tolerate. •Systems that maintain homeostasis rely on feedback mechanisms. •Environmental factors can affect homeostasis.

Population Dynamics
Population growth follows predictable patterns.
The increased consumption of resources and production of waste associated with population growth result in specific stresses that affect Earth’s sustainability. •Technological developments can contribute to or help offset the ecological footprint associated with population growth and the consumption of natural...
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